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Woola is looking for Head of Finance

Woola is a packaging company using leftover wool to replace plastic bubble wrap. Our ultimate goal is to phase out fossil fuel-based packaging in e-commerce and change the single-use mindset by providing a better closed-loop alternative. How - read more here!

The job

You will take the lead on our financial matters. Our CEO needs a passionate professional to take over developing our financial model, budgeting, reporting, forecasting trends in sales and costs, optimizing unit economics, maintaining our cash flow, and managing our option pool. Your first job is to come up with a strategy for prioritizing all of this.

We know where we want to go as a company, and you’ll know how to manage our finances to get there.

For now - you are going to be the only member of our Finance team. This means you lead the function, but you do a lot of hands-on work by yourself. We have a strong accounting partner who will support your efforts, but Woola will be relying first and foremost on you on all finance-related topics. You are expected to apply insights and exercise your best judgment in all the financial matters and be the key partner to CEO in the next funding rounds with top global VC firms.

You will work closely with our Founders, and our Sales and Production teams, including the Head of Factory & Production. You’ll figure out the best way to use our funds for making the biggest possible impact.

The Checklist

✔️ You have 3+ years of experience in a leading financial role

✔️ You understand very well the nature and managing of production finances

✔️ Understanding well startup finances is a plus

✔️ You are a creator, an architect, and a builder rather than a maintainer

✔️ You are tech-savvy and Excel guru

✔️ You maintain humour and optimism in tough situations (crucial)

✔️ You believe that climate change can be mitigated

✔️ You are open to learning and feedback

What you'll get

Quite a lot of money and stock options

What is a competitive salary, right? We don’t know what that means, so we’re just gonna say that you’ll get quite a lot of money and decent stock options, because you will.

Yearly allowance to travel the world

You will get a yearly travel allowance. That's literally free money to see the world, get some rest and spark your creativity. Besides, it's the best way to grow your empathy and see what's really going on in the world.

Freedom and flexibility

We have a small office in Tallinn, Estonia. Some of us love working there. Others get into a better workflow at home or on the road. You work from where you’re happy. The schedule is flexible.

Plus, you’ll get to drive a measurable change in the world

We’ve replaced 221,702,710cm2 of bubble wrap by today. Join us and help us 1000x this number.

Sounds like you? Apply now!

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